Radiohead’s “Burn The Witch” Is Just What You’ve Longed to Hear

First the erasure and silence, now a new, badass video that sounds like….well like the Radiohead we all know and love.

Burn The Witch

Earlier today, Radiohead posted this on their Instagram

Music critic Ann Powers of NPR wrote:

“Burn the Witch” has been a rumor (and a bootleg) among Radiohead fans for years. This version is grounded in strings strongly evoking Greenwood’s tributes to the Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki, but with the pop emotionalism of his film-score work. Radiohead’s other members add heft to the steady crescendo that builds to some trademark Yorke falsetto rhapsodizing.

Misha over at Fist in the Air had this to say about the bew song and video

Feast your ears on the soulful “Burn The Witch,” as Thom Yorke’s vocals shine over a mellow backdrop, warning of the impending environmental catastrophe unless something is done. “Burn The Witch” is almost a call to action.

What do you think?

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